Vuzix Wrap 1200VR Video Glasses Review

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The Vuzix Wrap 1200VR video glasses are more than capable of providing you with a new experience that surpasses similar glasses currently present in the market. With its high video resolution and spectacular sound quality, the Vuzix video eyewear allow you to experience the new generation in video glasses technology.

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Vuzix Wrap 1200VR Video Glasses Features

The Vuzix 1200VR video glasses has a 16:9 widescreen virtual display. This product also has a head tracking feature which means that you can experience the virtual worlds in the most life like manner. The Wrap 1200vr video glasses provides a 72-Inch display to its users and it also has other state of the art advancements present in it.

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The Vuzix Wrap 1200VR video glasses is capable of supporting the standard 2D videos and it is also capable of supporting 3D videos as well. The 1200vr video eyewear can be used with a variety of gaming consoles, computers and other entertainment devices. The head tracker present in the 1200VR is actually a Wrap Tracker 6TC with a compass. This technology makes the Wrap 1200VR a freedom tracker with a 6 degree capacity. The Vuzix Wrap 1200VR also has drift compensation and thus, it allows you to see the image present in the direction you are looking at.

As mentioned above, the Vuzix Wrap 1200VR video glasses supports 3D videos too. This product has a support for the latest side-by-side 3D video format. The display resolution support, featured in this product is up to 1280 x 720. The Wrap 1200VR also has calibration software and legacy games support that has been provided by the Vuzix VR Manager software. This allows you to watch 3D videos and play games in a new way. The design of this product is in the form of sunglasses and thus, it looks stylish. This product is also light in weight and you don’t feel any stress even if you use this product continuously for hours. The controller that comes with the Vuzix 1200VR video glasses are easy to use. The instruction manual that comes with this product is easy to understand and it has all of the instructions that you’ll need to use the features that are present in this product.

Vuzix Wrap 1200VR Review

During my research on the Vuzix Wrap 1200VR video glasses, I came across a lot of positive customer reviews. I have read through all of the customer reviews that I could find on the internet regarding this product and have come to know one thing, that the Vuzix video eyewear have satisfied its users. Many reviewers have praised the video resolution that this product allows them to experience. The drift technology present in this product has also received praise. Many of the reviewers also like the design of this product. The average rating of this product on is three stars. Click here to read these reviews on Amazon.

I did come across a single negative customer review during my research, the reviewer talked about the weak resolution provided by this product. This problem can be fixed by reading the instruction manual and changing the resolution of this product.

Having gone through all of the customer reviews, I would highly recommend the Vuzix Wrap 1200vr video glasses to all of you who want to experience something new whenever you watch a 3D video or play a game. Click here to check it out.

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