Myvu Personal Media Viewer Universal Edition MA-0483 Video Glasses Review

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The Myvu Personal Media Viewer universal edition ma-0483 video glasses brings a little Science Fiction to your life. It is sure to make you look like a Trekkie even if you’re not. They are designed to enhance your enjoyment of your current PVP (Personal Video Player) system. It gives you the feel of watching a large screen television without actually having one in front of you. It features high quality noise cancelling earbuds to get you the most out of the audio signal from the player. For convenience sake Myvu included an attached pendant to house the remote control that gives you the ability to adjust the brightness and the playback.

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If you are a Star Trek fan you will no doubt remember Geordi La Forge who wore a visor and the MyVu Personal Media Viewer has a striking resemblance to his visor.  The technology has finally caught up with Science Fiction at least in that aspect; we now can watch movies without having to be sitting in front of the television or in a movie theater.

Myvu Personal Media Viewer Features

  • Daylight viewable bright full-sized image
  • Noise canceling in-ear earbuds
  • Lightweight, comfortable see-through design
  • Brightness and playback controls
  • Comes with rechargeable battery
  • Up to 4 hours of viewing time

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Thanks to a unique technology built in you will swear you are sitting in front of a large screen TV instead of a visor right on your face. The glasses are ultra-lightweight and very comfortable. They feature a set of noise cancelling ear buds attached to them, which will enhance the privacy of your movie viewing enjoyment.

The visor based video system features and remote control in the form of a pendant attached to visor. This remote gives you control of the video brightness and also the video playback. To help ensure a proper fit for everyone, MyVu included three interchangeable silicone ear tips to help you get the right feel when wearing them.

The MyVu video glasses are powered by rechargeable batteries and each set of batteries provide enough power to run up to 4 hours. This should give you enough time to watch most full length movies.

Myvu Personal Media Viewer Review

During our research for the Myvu Personal Media Viewer Universal Edition (MA-0483) we discovered that there were 8 consumer reviews posted online. From these reviews it received and average rating of 3.5 stars out of a possible 5.0. Along with the ratings reviewers left many comments that were mostly positive with just a few negative ones sprinkled in. Several of the reviewers mentioned that they were pleasantly surprised with quality of the product. Another point that was mentioned by the reviewers was that the sound quality through the attached earbuds was good. One of the reviewers was really happy with all aspects of this product including really impressive screen resolution. Click here to read these reviews.

As we mentioned there were a couple of negative points mentioned by a few reviewers. One of them was disappointed that they did not include a cable to hook it up to their iPod Touch. Another reviewer was not happy that it did not include a user guide and you have to go online to find one.

After we finished our research for the Myvu Personal Media Viewer Universal Edition (MA-0483) we discovered that it received decent ratings and mostly positive comments. If you are looking for this type of product we recommend it. Click here to check it out.

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