Koolertron 72 Inch Video Glasses Review

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The Koolertron 72 inch video glasses / mobile cinema eyewear makes it possible to watch your favorite movies with having to sit in front of your television. Thanks to its built in screen technology you will have the feel of watching your favorite movies without ever needing to be sitting in front of a TV or movie theater.

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Koolertron Digital Video Glasses Features

This virtual eyewear has a large amount of storage and to you can always add additional storage capacity with an optional memory card. It includes a stereo headset that delivers high fidelity sound so you can get both high quality audio as well as high quality visual effects.

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The key to visor is the image technology which creates the impression that you are watching a 72 inch big screen when in fact you are watching a small viewing screen within the visor. It delivers 16.7 million colors just like a standard flat panel TV with the Koolertron’s FLCOS digital panel inside.

The Koolertron virtual video eyewear features multiple inputs to deliver video signal to the visor including a USB port to make it possible to upload movie files directly from a PC. It also has a SD memory card slot that accepts standard SD memory cards that will hold up to 32GB. You can load your favorite mp4, .avi or one of many other video formats it will accept.

Along with spectacular visual images these video glasses deliver high fidelity sound. With the attached headphones you will be treated to awesome sound quality. It delivers full dynamic stereo sound similar to home theater.

The complete package includes a USB cable for connecting to your PC and a separate USB cable for charging the batteries. Koolertron also includes a A/C adapter to plug in the visor if you are near an outlet. Everything fits neatly in a carry case.

Koolertron Video Glasses Review

As part of our research for the Koolertron 72 inch video glasses / mobile cinema eyewear we discovered that there was a very limited number of consumer reviews posted online for this product. There was only one review that we could find and they gave it a rating of 5.0 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. Along with the rating they also left several positive comments regarding their experiences with the video glasses. According to the reviewer the visor delivers audio and video as advertise by the manufacturer. The audio was very crisp, clear and definitely lived up to their expectation. They also liked the idea of having multiple ways to upload their favorite movies and audio to the visor. The USB cable means they can upload the files before they leave and have them handy when they plan to sit and watch the movie.

After our research was completed it appears that though the number of consumer reviews posted for the Koolertron 72 inch video glasses / mobile cinema eyewear was limited, but they were quite happy with their experiences. Therefore, we would have to recommend this product. Click here to check it out.

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