Koolertron 60 Inch FLCOS Virtual Video Screen Glasses Review

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Enjoy the big screen in the comfort of your home by using the Koolertron 60 Inch FLCOS virtual video screen glasses. These easily connect to your tech gadget and allow you to watch theatre quality movies right in your home. You get the full effect of going to the movies without leaving your home. The sound and picture quality are unparalleled in the market currently. Click here to buy from Amazon with 30% off Now!

With the Koolertron mobile cinema glasses, the movies virtually come to you and all you need is your iPad, iPod or iPhone to enjoy this facility. You do not need special software or power cables; this is the ultimate in plug and play devices. They are light enough even with the features they pack so you will not strain your nose bridge or be uncomfortable in any other way due to the weight.

Koolertron FLCOS Video Glasses Features

The virtual screen used in the Koolertron digital video glasses is 60 inches and has a distance of 2 meters. It means then that you do not hurt your eyes from seemingly watching the screen from too close. The sound quality on the earphones is stereo quality and very much like what you would experience at the movies. The power consumption from charging this device is so low at 3.7 volts so it is efficient and will not set you back too much in terms of energy bills.

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The Koolertron FLCOS virtual video screen glasses has a full lifetime of 50000 hours which is a long time for you to enjoy award winning movies privately. These set is only compatible with video and movie play back and may not be used for games. The resolution of the device is very high indeed at 300 by 224. Quality is the name of the game here and Koolertron has not left it to chance in any way.

Koolertron Virtual Video Glasses Review

It is no wonder why the Koolertron 60 inch FLCOS virtual video screen glasses is so popular with reviews in most popular tech sites. The most popular feature is of course the durability and compactness of the design. This means that it is worth its price and then some. One reviewer said after trying them out, he was ready even to pay more for it due to the level of quality he enjoys with his set. It has also proven to be a very long lasting set of video screen glasses that maintains the resolution quality for a long time, years even. Click here to read more reviews.

Some reviewers seemed to think that the price is a bit steep for a pair of video glasses but they failed to realize that the quality of workmanship and safety features packed in this set of eyewear is actually priceless. That couple with the fact that they last a lifetime, should make you understand why they are actually underpriced for their level of quality.

After some careful consideration it is evident that if you want to enjoy movie quality picture and sound in the comfort of your home from your idevice, then the way to go is Koolertron 60 Inch FLCOS Virtual Video Screen Glasses. Click here to SAVE $54 for a limited time only!

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